About us

Audit Company Finstandart  is a company created by skilled professionals with great experience in auditing and accounting services of any complexity. Our top quality experts render personalized auditing, accounting and tax services with due regard for the specifics of different types of local business.

Our mission:

Creation of mutually beneficial conditions for long-term partnership and enabling a Client to make the most of our knowledge and experience.

Audit Company Finstandart LLC is a member of Self-Regulating Organization of Auditors Association "Commonwealth". The Principle Number of Registration Entry in the Register of auditors and auditing firms of self-regulating auditing organizations is 12006043481.

Professional indemnity of the Auditing Firm is insured.

Our experts obtain the following certificates: General Audit Certificates, Diplomas in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR).

Our experts have more than 15 years’ experience in financial sector.

Our Company offers auditing in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing, construction, trade, services (leasing, consulting, travel and agent’s services and etc.).
  • International trade.
  • Representative offices and branches of foreign entities.
  • Non-profit organizations, budget-funded institutions and state unitary enterprises.
  • Different types of taxation systems (general, simplified or unified tax on imputed income) including entities applying several types of taxation systems.
  • Individual taxation (for resident and non-resident individuals).