Price list for audit
General Audit of Enterprises
Audit of Trade Organizations from 1500 euro
Audit of Manufacturing Organizations from 3000 euro
Audit of Building Organizations from 3000 euro
Audit of Services from 1500 euro
Tax Audit from 1000 euro
Management Audit from 1600 euro
Express Audit from 1000 euro
Price list for Accounting Services
Accounting Record-keeping from 1000 euro/month
Setting up an Accounting System from 500 euro
Preparation and Delivery of Financial Statements from 500 euro
Accounting Consulting 60 euro/hour
Price list for Tax Consulting
Tax Consulting 60 euro/hour
Tax Planning from 500 euro
Setting up a Tax Recording System from 1000 euro
Package Proposal for Foreign Companies
Registration of Foreign Companies from 500 euro
Optimization of taxation system from 1000 euro
"All Inclusive" Package from 3000 euro/month
Price list for Recruiting
Financial Recruiting 100% monthly rate
Accountants’ Testing 300 euro
Chief accountants’ Testing 500 euro