Accounting Record-keeping

Keeping all scope of accounting records of a Client.

Accounting services rendered by our Company include the following:

  • Inspection of availability, accuracy and compliance of Client’s supporting tax and accounting documents with the current legislative requirements;
  • Input of the supporting documents presented by a Client into1С
  • Handling and arrangement of the presented supporting documents;
  • Filling the data about entity’s assets and liabilities and cash flow into accounting registers in accordance with the supporting documents;
  • Developing the basis for recording policy for the purposes of accounting record-keeping;
  • Drawing up advance reports, cash documents, purchases and sales ledgers;
  • Inform a Client about documents to be replaced due to incorrect execution and those to be recovered;
  • Consulting on satisfactory form of supporting documents and other accounting issues;
  • Payroll, assessment of taxes and other statutory payments, drawing up payment orders, delivery of information required for tax payment;
  • Preparation of summary registers for accounting record-keeping;
  • Drawing up financial statements in compliance with the current legislation;
  • Drawing up reports for non-budgetary funds;
  • Delivery of all financial statements and tax reports to appropriate government authorities by regular mail or through electronic communication.

And also:

  • By agreement with a Client our experts will prepare notes and explanations regarding the delivered reports for taxing authorities.
  • By agreement with a Client we will participate in tax investigations.
  • We keep all supporting documents of a Client.


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