Audit of Building Organizations

Performance of a building organization depends on many factors, including:

  • specific pricing;
  • cost of required building activities;
  • a complex, usually compound account settlement scheme used by physical and legal entities participating in construction.

The specifics of work of building organizations implies constant control and full confidence in transparency and authenticity of financial statements. This provides for timely detection of accountability problems. One of the main objectives of auditing building organizations is to assist in managing such issues.

During an audit engagement at building organizations special attention is paid to:

  • Detection of difference between volume of financing and construction implemented;
  • Inventory survey of building sites;
  • Detection of possible overexpenditure and inspection of volume of erection and construction works.

In this case (if given the consent of both parties) outside experts can be invited to develop the most secure document flow.

Depending on the specifics of tasks set by a Client the program of an audit engagement may be corrected. At Client’s option our Company may offer necessary advice on accounting, management and tax planning in order to efficiently improve construction activities under current conditions.

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