Audit of Trade Organizations

Nowadays the specifics of work of trade organizations implies that owners and management should strictly control and be quite sure of  authenticity and transparency of reports presented by the accounting department. This, in turn, provides for immediate detecting such problems as overdue receivables or dead stock and helps to take the most reasonable decisions concerning development of the business.

It is our auditors who can provide the most prompt detecting ill-conceived issues in the current accounting system and clearly assess quality of accounting treatment of all organization’s activities.

During an audit engagement our experts pay special attention to the following:

  • Development of the most secure document flow;
  • Inventory survey of stock balance;
  • Detection of unsold supply of goods;
  • Inspection of supply of goods and efficiency of its use;
  • Audit of payables and receivables;
  • Audit of applying a taxation system and introducing separate accounting in case an entity use several taxation schemes.

Depending on the specifics of tasks set by a Client the program of an audit engagement may be corrected. At Client’s option our Company may offer necessary advice on accounting, management and tax planning in order to efficiently improve business activities under current conditions.

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